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Asbestos Worker Training Course

Workplace Health and Safety Training across Ontario

Under the Ontario Asbestos Regulation, companies involved in the remediation of asbestos must train their workers for Asbestos Types I & II work.

Asbestos workers need to know about asbestos. Training covers topics as follows: legislation, what is asbestos, what are asbestos’ health effects, necessary precautions, and remediation. The training makes asbestos work easier to understand and do.

GTA Environmental can provide asbestos type I & II training at your workplace. Our asbestos worker training program is a 3.0-hour session lead by an experienced trainer. Training is done using a MS PowerPoint presentation via a laptop computer connected to a projector. Here’s what you get with the training session:

  • Instructor lead PowerPoint presentation.
  • All necessary materials supplied to conduct the asbestos worker training.
  • Employee participation with one case study exercise and quiz.
  • Wallet-sized training certificates for employees. An extra set of certificates are produced for HR files.
  • Class participation list for HR files.

For training at your workplace, call our office at  1 (877) 260-0987 for more information or to book a training date.